Gootloader infection cleaned up

Dear blog owner and visitors,

This blog had been infected to serve up Gootloader malware to Google search victims, via a common tactic known as SEO (Search Engine Optimization) poisioning. Your blog was serving up 221 malicious pages. Your blogged served up malware to 0 visitors.

I tried my best to clean up the infection, but I would do the following:

  • Upgrade WordPress to the latest version (one way the attackers might have gained access to your server)
  • Upgrade all WordPress themes to the latest versions (another way the attackers might have gained access to your server)
  • Upgrade all WordPress plugins (another way the attackers might have gained access to your server), and remove any unnecessary plugins.
  • Verify all users are valid (in case the attackers left a backup account, to get back in)
  • Change all passwords (for WordPress accounts, FTP, SSH, database, etc.) and keys. This is probably how the attackers got in, as they are known to brute force weak passwords
  • Run antivirus scans on your server
  • Block these IPs ( and, either in your firewall, .htaccess file, or in your /etc/hosts file, as these are the attackers command and control servers, which send malicious commands for your blog to execute
  • Check cronjobs (both server and WordPress), aka scheduled tasks. This is a common method that an attacker will use to get back in. If you are not sure, what this is, Google it
  • Consider wiping the server completly, as you do not know how deep the infection is. If you decide not to, I recommend installing some security plugins for WordPress, to try and scan for any remaining malicious files. Integrity Checker, WordPress Core Integrity Checker, Sucuri Security,
    and Wordfence Security, all do some level of detection, but not 100% guaranteed
  • Go through the process for Google to recrawl your site, to remove the malcious links (to see what malicious pages there were, Go to Google and search agreement)
  • Check subdomains, to see if they were infected as well
  • Check file permissions

Gootloader (previously Gootkit) malware has been around since 2014, and is used to initally infect a system, and then sell that access off to other attackers, who then usually deploy additional malware, to include ransomware and banking trojans. By cleaning up your blog, it will make a dent in how they infect victims. PLEASE try to keep it up-to-date and secure, so this does not happen again.


The Internet Janitor

Below are some links to research/further explaination on Gootloader:

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Coat, Man's, Field w/HoodBootCamp

BOOT CAMP! Tonight is the last night of my first session of Boot Camp at the new location in Branford. This has been a great new adventure for me and my family. With two very competitive athletes going two directions, a new coaching position for myself, and boot camps in Branford and Live Oak. My entire family has been pulled in to haul and help out.

2014-07-31 16.23.00My Swimmer!IMG_1648My Volleyball Player

My two athletes are top of their individual sports. They work hard and push themselves to achieve excellence. It’s so rewarding to see them love a sport, set goals, and succeed.

Boot camp has been amazing in Branford. With over 75 participants, it has been both challenging and rewarding as an instructor. I have met amazing athletes, ladies, gentlemen, and even some cute kiddos, that are pushing themselves to achieve great physical fitness.

The most rewarding thing I can hear as an instructor is “When is our next class?”, and “Can this just go on forever?” That to me means I have brought happiness and success to that individual.

God has given me the talents I possess and to him I give all the Glory.



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The Taper Begins as I head to South Carolina for the Darlington Marathon

Can you say sick?

Yes I am ill and yes I do have a marathon in less than a week.


My Monday morning run was a challenge. With this illness holding on strong, me legs feel like they are full of lead and my head feels like everything is in slow motion. Needless to say I will not be taking that allergy med any longer.

5 miles in the beautiful cool morning air this morning. Normally I would fly through this workout because the weather has changed and the cool air just makes me FAST.

Not this morning… Legs of lead, a head that felt like it was in the clouds, and a bothersome cough made for a long 5 miles.

Thank God I have a running partner or I know I would have stopped and walked this morning. I just felt that bad.

Running Buddies ROCK!

Running Buddies ROCK!

So the plan for today is to enjoy the fact that I did indeed complete a great little 5 mile MONDAY MORNING RUN and then head over to the Doctor and see if he can get me well by this Saturday.

Otherwise, my #10 marathon in South Carolina could be pretty miserable. Prayers are appreciated. Have a great Monday Morning Everyone, and if you got your run in Whoop Whoop and if you haven’t yet then make it a priority. GET OUT THERE AND RUN!


2015 BOSTON MARATHON-Here I come :)

BOSTONACCEPTANCEHERE IT IS! I made it into the 2015 Boston Marathon. WOW! So excited, blessed and overwhelmed.

Feels super great to reach this GOAL.

Back in 2005 I qualified to run in my very first Boston Marathon. That qualification would begin a love of marathon running like I had never experienced.

I ran my first Boston Marathon in April of 2006. I requalified for the next 4 years allowing me to run the Boston Marathon is 2007, 2008, 2009, and 2010.

In 2011 I would set the goal to be back at Boston in April 2015. See in 2011 I decided to have another baby. What we did realize it that God would make us learn patience and trust in him for the next 3 years.

In November 2011 we got the news we were finally pregnant. I had our son Rane Kyse Richards on July 27, 2012. Six (6)weeks later I started a journey that I thought would never become reality.

I began my training for Boston 2015. The journey was HARD and stressful at time. I will never forget that first mile I ran. I looked over at my husband who was pushing our beautiful baby boy and said I don’t think I will ever run a marathon again.

Well 2 years later here I am, BOSTON QUALIFIED Athlete! WOW! AWESOME! AMAZING! GOD IS SO GOOD to me.

I received the news as I sat on our family boat in the beautiful Suwannee River. Surrounded by my loving family and the beauty of God’s creations. I could not have asked for a better setting or better day.

I find myself looking back at the email over and over. I guess I feel like this is a dream of sorts. See, when you set a huge GOAL like this. There is this little part of you that has the doubt.

I can honestly say that I GIVE GOD all the glory. He has carried me through the training, and the 9 marathons I have run so far this year, and I know he will continue to carry me through these hard months of final training for BOSTON 2015.

marquette2014Marquette Marathon, 3:39:23 my BQ!

AS I sit here typing there are many Team Squeakers for Boston trying to get into this prestigious event. I pray that they each get their chance to run with me in April 2015.


Rainy Days, Marathon Training, Nervous about Boston Marathon Registration

Rain Rain GO away! Running in the rain

This is my second day without a run. The good news is the day is not over and I plan to get out there, rain or shine, at 730pm and put down some miles.

This is my shorter long run weekend. It has been one week and one day since my #9 marathon for 2014.

Rain Rain go away!!!

Rain Rain go away!!!

I have a sense of relief knowing that I have qualified with a good enough time to get me into the first week of registration.

What I worry about is that I will still fall short. My age, well , I am 41 and there are a lot of FAST ladies in my age group.

I have chosen to look at it this way, IF IT IS GOD’S WILL, then I am already into Boston 2015, and if it is NOT GOD’S Will, I know he has bigger and better thing in store for me.

526651_461840243894097_239540445_nSo today I choose to relax and enjoy my run. To take in the rain if it is falling, and to enjoy every breath that God gives me.

I choose to live life everyday as if there is no tomorrow. To enjoy my three beautiful children and all the amazing talents God has blessed them with. And to love my family to the moon and beyond.

ourfsmilyatranebdayMy Family, My World.



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Bootcamp Kickoff

Changing the tone for a bit. Wanted to share my kickoff of Buccaneer Boot camp. This week I got back in Boot camp mode and man does it feel good.Big Bay Boot Camp 2012With over 40 clients in two separate classes, my afternoon was a total blast. I don’t know that my clients would have agreed but one thing I do know is that they got a great WORKOUT.

From Log Races to Sand Bag Chases our afternoon was jam packed with sweat and fun.

Today will be day two and I am over the top excited. So if you are in the Suwannee County area, come visit me at Buccaneer Boot camp and GET FIT FAST with Step Fitness.




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Marquette leads to the Boston Marathon

526651_461840243894097_239540445_n-150x150[1]BOSTON MARATHON 2015!!!

Marquette, Michigan was beautiful. Wet and chilly, but beautiful.

The marathon was not as easy as everyone said it would be. With a 1037 foot drop in elevation everyone was think it would be a piece of cake.

What they didn’t take into account was the uphills and the mountain at mile 22. Through is all I managed to stay focused and not throw up.

I also managed to take off 2 minutes and 39 seconds which allows me to get into the first week of registration for the Boston Marathon 2015.

Asking for prayers from all my followers. Unicorn in site!marquette2014

19970720 05 Marquette, MI

Marquette Marathon: MARATHON #9, last chance for 2015 Boston Marathon

Marquette, Michigan the host city of Marathon #9

Marquette, Michigan the host city of Marathon #9

Today is my off day for running. I still have to teach an extreme cycling class this afternoon but for the most part this for me is a rest day.

Tomorrow I will do my last long run before heading to Marquette, Michigan to run the Marquette Marathon. My 9th marathon this year.

This week I will begin to taper my runs and will probably rest on Thursday  since that will be my flying day. May try and run a little on Friday depending on how I feel and what the area is like. I will pick up my packet Friday evening. I always enjoy packet pickup.

Seeing all the runners, the conversations, the excitement, it’s all  a huge part of the MARATHON experience.

Tomorrow, Saturday, I will do 12-14 miles depending on how my body is feeling. Followed by stretching and Epsom Salt Bath for 15 minutes. May force myself to do the ICE BATH which is so hard to actually do but it is SO good for you after a long run.

Then Sunday I will rest again. Monday I will do 5-6 miles, Tuesday 4 miles, and Wednesday 4 miles. Then it will be fuel up which means eat and hydrate like crazy for the next three days. Another reason I love to run marathons.

This marathon should be a lot of fun. It is a straight line to the finish , NO LOOPS!!! Praise the Lord. I am a little sick of ding circles for 26.2 miles. Seems like the last couple of marathons have been loop after loop for me.

Praying I can really pull out a great time since September 8th is the first day of REGISTRATION for the 2015 BOSTON MARATHON!!!

I will post a little each day about my taper and hope that you will find me on Facebook, Michelle Richards, Endurance Athlete, and follow me.


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The week is only half over and my legs are DEAD

DEAD! That is the word I use at this very moment to describe just how “great” my legs feel today. I am sure this all began with an amazing 18 mile run on Sunday morning. That run was the first run, since having my son 2 years ago, where I actually felt great and that I could go on and run another 18 miles. WOW right? Yep that is exactly what I was thinking. Then I did a lot of mental work on Monday trying to get homeschool underway with my Teenagers and man that was like running an ULTRA, lol. Tuesday I got back into my morning run with a nice easy 5 miler, taught a mid day spin class, and assisted with volleyball conditioning which included the ever so love JUMP SQUATS.

SO today is mid week, yep it is Wednesday and I jumped up and did a very speedy 5 miler with my fast running partner Greg, taught a extreme cycling class, and trained a client on upper body at the gym. What is crazy? Well, as I sit here with legs that feel like they want to collapse, I still face a date with the STADIUMS this afternoon and have to train one more client prior to that. Am I complaining? HECK NO! I am loving it. See when you have been running as long as I have you tend to have a hard time getting that SORE and TIRED feeling we all secretly yearn for. I am on cloud 9 right now knowing that I am training hard and will be pushing myself to achieve greater things. Knowing in this fact that I will reach each and every goal that is set. HOW? Because I have FAITH and FEAR and FIGHT in me that can not be contained. I will succeed and I will give GOD all the glory because ity is through him that I am healthy and able to do all of the thing I set out to do in life.

SO when I survive the rest of this MID WEEK day you will have much to hear about and learn. So stop back by and check it out tomorrow.RunRun Hard and Make It Count!

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ropeSo excited to get back into the swing of things with my ever popular Boot camp and Fit camp classes. Over the past two weeks I have been vigorously preparing and promoting Boot camps that I will offer in my area.

These camps are great because the way I teach Boot camp is unique. I take your standard boot camp exercises and I give them a twist. I add or subtract parts that may or may not be suitable for the given group I am training.

My Boot camps are therefore CUSTOMIZED to fit each group independently. Over the past 10 years I have found that using these techniques my clients stay with the program through to the end and achieve the desired results they had set at the beginning.

Boot camps are great because they challenge the body, can be done by clients of any fitness level, and are two to three hours a week instead of a daily workout regime. They offer a group setting so each client becomes accountable to the others for their attendance and accountability to the program.

Coat, Man's, Field w/HoodThey can be competitive or noncompetitive, the choice become the groups as a whole in the first week of class. Boot camps done by STEP FITNESS, my company, are very affordable also.

Stay connected by checking in for my upcoming blogs about my boot camps and the clients I am helping reach their fitness goals.


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