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BOOT CAMP! Tonight is the last night of my first session of Boot Camp at the new location in Branford. This has been a great new adventure for me and my family. With two very competitive athletes going two directions, a new coaching position for myself, and boot camps in Branford and Live Oak. My entire family has been pulled in to haul and help out.

2014-07-31 16.23.00My Swimmer!IMG_1648My Volleyball Player

My two athletes are top of their individual sports. They work hard and push themselves to achieve excellence. It’s so rewarding to see them love a sport, set goals, and succeed.

Boot camp has been amazing in Branford. With over 75 participants, it has been both challenging and rewarding as an instructor. I have met amazing athletes, ladies, gentlemen, and even some cute kiddos, that are pushing themselves to achieve great physical fitness.

The most rewarding thing I can hear as an instructor is “When is our next class?”, and “Can this just go on forever?” That to me means I have brought happiness and success to that individual.

God has given me the talents I possess and to him I give all the Glory.



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