A Super Hard Week of Training

So sorry I have not been posting. I have been super busy training and working this week. I believe this week has been one of the hardest training weeks I have done in quite a long time. I added stadiums to my routine and weight training (serious) and my legs and especially my calves are screaming.

Screaming calves are worrying me because RACE DAY is tommorow and I am racing here in my home town of Lake City. I have not been able to race here at home for about 6 years. See, I am a race director and when I  direct races I don’t have the time to actually run the races. The Derby Dash 5K is the first race that I have been available to race that I am not the director. So I am a bit excited, even though worried as my body is achy from stadiums, squats, lunges, running, spinning, etc…….

Today is a pre race day and so far my diet for it has not been ideal. Slept in a little late, ok I won’t lie, ALOT late. Baby Rane was enjoying the bed as well so I took advantage of it. Need to up my fluid intake and get some good nutrition in me to combat this lactic acid build up and restore my system depletions.

Wish me luck everyone. Race start is 8am so say a little prayer that my legs and mind will come together for a personal best :).

Happy Weekend!10170836_625780307500089_8877926468509027156_nThese are just a few of my running buddies that will enjoy racing this Saturday! LOVE them!

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