Apparel Licensing Agreement Sample

7.1 The licensee assures and guarantees that it has the right and authority to grant the licences granted to it and that there is no other agreement with another party in conflict. If the taker does not act under the written licence agreement, the licensee wants the licensee to have the right to terminate the contract before the contract expires. Most agreements have three cessation categories: (iii) a prototype sample for pre-production of the licensed product, if any, or a final pre-production sample of the licensed product, indicating in both cases the exact shape, the final result and the quality of the product conceded when manufactured in production quantities; and (ii) a definitive printed sample of the article, where possible (for example. B for labels, trailers, printed brochures, catalogues, etc.). Clothing items, including hairstyles, hairstyles, clothing, clothing and personal accessories, used by brands 8.2 Maintaining the quality of licensed and/or containing products in another way: inspection of production facilities. The licensee is committed to maintaining the quality of each licensed product produced under this agreement until the specifications, to the quality and end of the production models of this licensed product, approved by the licensee pursuant to this agreement, and undertakes not to modify the product granted or to modify the artwork for the licensed product, without first providing samples to the licensee, the proposed amendments and the written consent of the licensee for such examples. From time to time, after starting to manufacture the licensed products, the licensee will make available, free of charge, to the licensee, on request, a reasonable number of random production models of a license product indicated by the licensee. The taker also makes available to the donor, upon request, the addresses of the production facilities used by the licensee for the manufacture of the licensed products and arranges for the licensee or his representatives to verify these production facilities during appropriate opening hours. 13.7 The licensee keeps records (including copies of invoices and corresponding correspondences) on the data on which each of the donated products is listed for sale or sold for the first time in the territory of the licence and the initial use dates of each item of the marks on the products and advertising materials granted in the country under license. At the licensee`s request, the licensee undertakes to provide the donor with models of brand use and other information that allows the donor to complete and receive trademark applications or registrations, or to evaluate or reject trademark applications, registrations or uses of other parties. 2.10 Application of manufacturing agreements. The licensee is firmly committed to enforcing all the provisions that must be included in these agreements to its producers in order to protect the licensee; inform the licensee of the manufacturer`s offences and the takingr`s corrective actions and results; and, at the request of the licensee, to terminate such an agreement with a manufacturer that violates such provisions to protect the licensee.