Beating the Rain Running

This morning’s run was a good one.

Everyone that showed up for our run group had a partner which makes run group so much more fun for everyone. The weather was a bit cool at first but ended up just perfect.

The weather has been not so pretty here in Lake City, Florida so this morning was another cloudy morning. Great news is that we BEAT THE RAIN.

Thanks to my running partner David I was able to pull out 5 miles at an 8 minute mile average.  Tomorrow will probably be a rest day for me. I have my 15th full marathon, fourth in 4 months, and I am starting my carb loading tonight. My husband has had that nasty stomach bug so I am praying I can stay healthy. Running a marathon sick is not fun at all.


My business, yep, I do more then run ūüėČ (Click it)

Baby Rane is taking a nap and as soon as he wakes up it’s going to be a very busy afternoon. Off to the office to get prepped for a new Cycling/Ab class that I start tonight. I love¬†instructing cycling class¬†and have found that it’s addition to my training has helped increase my speed. Core workouts (abs) also help with endurance when running marathons, so I am very excited to combine the two exercises.

It’s raining here again so I hope those of you where it’s dry have a great run and just an awesome day. Those of you in the rain you can always run in it, which I love, just not when there is lightening. Happy RUNNING and¬†God bless.


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