ropeSo excited to get back into the swing of things with my ever popular Boot camp and Fit camp classes. Over the past two weeks I have been vigorously preparing and promoting Boot camps that I will offer in my area.

These camps are great because the way I teach Boot camp is unique. I take your standard boot camp exercises and I give them a twist. I add or subtract parts that may or may not be suitable for the given group I am training.

My Boot camps are therefore CUSTOMIZED to fit each group independently. Over the past 10 years I have found that using these techniques my clients stay with the program through to the end and achieve the desired results they had set at the beginning.

Boot camps are great because they challenge the body, can be done by clients of any fitness level, and are two to three hours a week instead of a daily workout regime. They offer a group setting so each client becomes accountable to the others for their attendance and accountability to the program.

Coat, Man's, Field w/HoodThey can be competitive or noncompetitive, the choice become the groups as a whole in the first week of class. Boot camps done by STEP FITNESS, my company, are very affordable also.

Stay connected by checking in for my upcoming blogs about my boot camps and the clients I am helping reach their fitness goals.


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