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Marquette Marathon: MARATHON #9, last chance for 2015 Boston Marathon

Marquette, Michigan the host city of Marathon #9

Marquette, Michigan the host city of Marathon #9

Today is my off day for running. I still have to teach an extreme cycling class this afternoon but for the most part this for me is a rest day.

Tomorrow I will do my last long run before heading to Marquette, Michigan to run the Marquette Marathon. My 9th marathon this year.

This week I will begin to taper my runs and will probably rest on Thursday  since that will be my flying day. May try and run a little on Friday depending on how I feel and what the area is like. I will pick up my packet Friday evening. I always enjoy packet pickup.

Seeing all the runners, the conversations, the excitement, it’s all¬† a huge part of the MARATHON experience.

Tomorrow, Saturday, I will do 12-14 miles depending on how my body is feeling. Followed by stretching and Epsom Salt Bath for 15 minutes. May force myself to do the ICE BATH which is so hard to actually do but it is SO good for you after a long run.

Then Sunday I will rest again. Monday I will do 5-6 miles, Tuesday 4 miles, and Wednesday 4 miles. Then it will be fuel up which means eat and hydrate like crazy for the next three days. Another reason I love to run marathons.

This marathon should be a lot of fun. It is a straight line to the finish , NO LOOPS!!! Praise the Lord. I am a little sick of ding circles for 26.2 miles. Seems like the last couple of marathons have been loop after loop for me.

Praying I can really pull out a great time since September 8th is the first day of REGISTRATION for the 2015 BOSTON MARATHON!!!

I will post a little each day about my taper and hope that you will find me on Facebook, Michelle Richards, Endurance Athlete, and follow me.


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