Boston Strong United We Run 2014

10258794_626113444133442_4404711069181275075_n 10170836_625780307500089_8877926468509027156_n 1509095_10203806368458615_6312770035216576204_nThree runs were organized and took place to honor the Boston Marathon and it’s victims of the 2013 Boston Marathon Bombings.  We had great turn outs for each run and I enjoyed the company and conversation held between runners.

These runs means a lot to me personally and I was greatly touched by each and every person that showed their support.

The group was a wave of Blue and Yellow, the official colors of the Boston Organization. We ran different paces and different distances but we all ran for the same reason.

We ran for Boston, we ran to show we are not scared, we ran because we love our sport, and we ran because we are blessed to have health to do so.

WE RAN UNITED to show support but to mostly show our love for other runners.

Boston 2015? YEP, that’s still my goal and even though I have missed that goal by only 1 minute in my attempts to qualify under my new time.

I have complete faith that God will give me the strength and health to achieve this goal. BOSTON STRONG!

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