Busy Mom Makes for a tough training week

WOW, we survived!

This past week was the last week to finish up all Florida Virtual School classes. We did it, but we were right down to the wire. I have amazing children but their discipline when it comes to completing school work is a little lacking.

With school on the agenda from sun up to sun down my running was brutal and not at regular times for what my body is use to. I noticed that when I push my body to achieve a run at different parts of the day I become more fatigued and the run seems way harder.

My theory is that I am a MORNING RUNNER and for me to run mid day or in the evenings is brutal. Each day I ran at a time that I was not accustom to and every post workout I was beat. By the time the weekend arrived I had already logged 22 miles, two night stadium sessions, and 4 spin classes.

With only Saturday off from running, not that it was a rest day (We had an all day swim meet for my son that was brutally hot and very trying mentally).My Sunday Long Run was quite a challenge. This would be the second of two very hard hilly long run training sessions. My first I did the Monday before and now this one.

With every additional hill I became more and more fatigued and my muscle were screaming. I just kept telling myself, BOSTON STRONG. See, I am a Boston Qualified Marathon Runner for 2015 and if it is God’s plan that I get in to run Boston in 2015 then I have to be in the best shape of my life.

That means I have to cut off 23 minutes from my time to beat my Personal Best Marathon time of 3:22, which I set at Boston in 2009. Needless to say, now that school is OUT and summer has begun, I will be full on for Boston training.

TO sum it up, I will have many more painful and trying sessions ahead. Praying for strength and endurance and the ability to push myself to schieve my goals. God’s will I will be in Boston April 20th on that famous Starting Line!

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