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Rain Rain GO away! Running in the rain

This is my second day without a run. The good news is the day is not over and I plan to get out there, rain or shine, at 730pm and put down some miles.

This is my shorter long run weekend. It has been one week and one day since my #9 marathon for 2014.

Rain Rain go away!!!

Rain Rain go away!!!

I have a sense of relief knowing that I have qualified with a good enough time to get me into the first week of registration.

What I worry about is that I will still fall short. My age, well , I am 41 and there are a lot of FAST ladies in my age group.

I have chosen to look at it this way, IF IT IS GOD’S WILL, then I am already into Boston 2015, and if it is NOT GOD’S Will, I know he has bigger and better thing in store for me.

526651_461840243894097_239540445_nSo today I choose to relax and enjoy my run. To take in the rain if it is falling, and to enjoy every breath that God gives me.

I choose to live life everyday as if there is no tomorrow. To enjoy my three beautiful children and all the amazing talents God has blessed them with. And to love my family to the moon and beyond.

ourfsmilyatranebdayMy Family, My World.



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