Episerver End User Service Agreement

11.2 In accepting this agreement, the licensee also acknowledges that the licensing agreements for the above-mentioned software have been made available to the licensee at www.episerver.com/Implemented_software; That the taker has become aware of these licensing agreements; and that the policyholder hereafter accepts the terms of these licensing agreements in order to be, if necessary, mandatory for the licensee. Episerver has more than 880 partners in 30 countries and must maintain a number of certified developers or increase the number as part of the partner status update. Episerver relies on a wide network of qualified solution partners for the implementation of Episerver`s CMS, business and marketing solutions and is divided into animals based on their experience and knowledge with Episerver solutions. Premier Platinum-Partner is an elite level for partners who have high skill, product skills and implementation experience. They have a large pool of resources and are highly specialized in Episerver solutions. Gold partners have proven Episerver skills and documented delivery skills with well-established product competence and certified resources, and specialize in two Episerver solutions. The Silver level is for partners with documented Episerver`s expertise and implementation experience and they specialize in an Episerver solution. Most of their partners are in the bronze level that is for partners who do not fulfill the qualifications of Premier, Gold and Silver. “For each level, you have to have a number of certified developers, a number of sales professionals in business development, and then you have to fill out a certain quota of licensed sales. And so it`s a formal process, we don`t just take every partner. We will certainly work with anyone, as any CMS provider would, but as we really do not take anyone as a partner, they have to apply for and sign this type of partnership contract and commit to getting the number of certified developers,” declared Deane. Episerver respects the intellectual property rights of others and we ask our customers, partners and users to do the same. Episerver may, at its sole discretion, suspend or terminate access to software, services and/or accounts of companies or users that violate the intellectual property rights of others.

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