Gate River Run Preparation


Hart Bridge (The Green Monster!!!)

gate river run image

(Cick on image to go to Gate River Run Website)

If you are running the Gate River Run then you are in for a treat. That Green monster is waiting at mile 8 and to defeat it you will want to do everything right leading up to start time.

Racer should be tapering their runs, eating a balance of protein and carbs, and definitely increasing their fluid intake.

The Gate River Run is a fabulous event and one that is truly family oriented. Along with the 15k it offers a 5k race, kids fun run, and baby dashes.

There is also the EXPO which I call a runner’s Christmas in March. Looking forward to the Expo, Camping at the race start, and fellowship with my running buddies before, and celebration after.

Have a great Race Prep Week everyone.



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