Getting Stronger

stepThe latest addition to my training program? Strength training! I have been putting this off for months now and finally took the plunge. Weight training is now back in my training program. Talk about being worn out.

My early morning 5 mile run was following by a pretty intense leg workout this morning. Now as I sit here typing I feel like I am the owner of jello legs.

What have I already noticed? Well, let’s talk. I have notices that in my runs my large muscles in my legs, those being the hamstrings and quads, are pulling there own these days. I have also noticed that when I do stadiums I can power up those steep steps with added energy and strength. And in my trail marathon this past weekend, I noticed that I actually enjoyed the┬ábrutal ┬ájungle like hill terrain that was set out for me to conquer. I am now challenged instead of crumbled by those sugar sand hills and intrigued by the long miles instead of baffled.

Weight training. It is a must for everyone, whether you are an athlete or just living life to the fullest doing nothing. You must get up and move and build the muscle that God has so richly blessed you with. This life is gift. Live it full of Love, health, fitness, and faith.

Step Fitness in Lake City, Florida is my home gym. If you are ever in our little town stop by and check us out.



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