As I sit here I still can not believe that I have registered for the 2014 Buffalo Marathon. Yes, in New York. WOW! I am totally and completely excited but at the same time I am sick with fear.

Why an I sick with fear? Well, I seem to always get that way right after I register for a race that I have set out to finish under my qualifying time for Boston. Yep, BOSTON! I know I can accomplish this goal but to actually sit here and write about it, well, that is a bit nerve racking.

My marathon a month goal for 2014 has been going pretty awesome. I have done 5 marathons and will do my 6th in Buffalo, New York on May 25th. They say the Buffalo Marathon Route is FAST. Well there I go, fast is what I need. So now I start the trip planning and YUCKO…..Flights are too expensive, train takes too long, and the Motor Coach? let’s just say driving the motor home to Buffalo would be ideal. Getting around in that huge thing when we get there is what I am stressing about. So this week is the week I will set out to find the answers to how this road trip will go down.

MARATHONS take a lot of preparation. Thousand of preparation musts keep flooding my mind. I must eat good and get my nutrition right, I must hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Training? When to taper and what cross training to keep and what to cut at this point. Do I use man made fuel or do I go natural for this race.

See everything is essential for a perfect race. And is there really a perfect race? My answer? I have no idea any more. I do know one thing that has never failed me. No matter how much I fret about prep, and racing, and qualifying. I will always have my family supporting me and my God guiding me, and if it is the Lord’s will then I will fly like angels are carrying me through to the finish line, and I will once again race Boston in April 2015.

So for now I hand it all to God and trust that he will calm my mind and my heart and he will give me the guidance to have two amazing weeks that lay ahead. Followed by a  finish at this marathon that will be one of my very best.

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