It’s Monday Morning! Did you run?

Well, it’s Monday Morning and today was a morning of soreness and reflection as I took the morning off from running to recover from the Boys Ranch 26.2 Marathon I completed yesterday (Sunday).

Our Medals for our marathons

Our Medals for our marathons

Yesterday was an amazing day. My entire family participated in the event. The Boys Ranch Marathon Weekend consists of a full marathon, half marathon, 10k, 5k, and kids run. My parents and children competed in the 5K, my husband competed in the half marathon, and of course I ran the full marathon. All of my family placed in the 5k and my husband,

Tony, won the Half Marathon. The course was challenging and at times quite brutal. With temperatures starting off at 40 degrees and climbing to 76 degrees the need to shed clothing became a necessary action. The course was a 6+ mile loop that was repeated for the distance you were racing. Needless to say 4 loops of the same route became quite a mental challenge and the hills were tough physically.

My husband and I stayed together for most of the first half of my race and he did amazing pulling out a win for the half marathon, with a shoe change mid race and everything. He did not even stop to enjoy the glory as he hurried to grab his race bike to catch up with me and coach me through to my finish.

I led the race for the first 3 laps and then hit a small wall, those are always so aggravating for me, but I managed to still keep my pace between 7:45 and 8:30. I became very frustrated as my mind wanted to go go go and my body just said no no no. This is where I was passed by one, two, then three ladies who really were not racing a pace that I could not, on a smart race day, maintain or beat.

In reflection I now see that I am still starting my races way to fast and if competing in the half marathon would have won. I also look back and realize that I would have also won the 5K race at the pace I maintained for the first 16 miles. WOW, what a stupid race day I had. I am an endurance coach and can train anyone on how to race and race well but to coach myself, well, that is definitely a challenge.

The race was cold then very hot and crossing the finish line all I could think was Praise God for carrying me through and allowing me to finish my 15th marathon in a respectable time of 3 hours and 45 minutes.. One thing is for sure, God was my strength and my endurance, he gave me health and carried me. Along the way I had aches and pains that should have gotten worse of me and put me out. Simple prayer and trust in God proved that all things are possible through him. Now I sit here ready to recover.

I plan to get a massage, a chiropractic adjustment, and take in a lot of fluids. This coming Saturday is the Nations Largest 15K race in Jacksonville and that Green Monster is waiting on me to take it on. Bring it on Gate River Run.


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