It’s My Birthday

lovesof my lifeYES today is my birthday. I can not believe I am 41 years young. I got in my morning run with 4.1 miles for my 41 years of life. I have been a runner for 33 of those years. I can honestly say that as I sit here today I am proud to be a very active, very healthy, and a very happy 41. I have been so very blessed by God throughout my years and have learned that even the bad time were lessons for the good. This morning I was joined by a great group of running buddies who cheered Happy Birthday as I arrived. My husband forgot but that is ok because he stays so busy he never knows what day it is on a regular day. LOL. My run was good and God has blessed me with healing this week.  I can honestly say my foot and ankle are doing 100 % better. I will be glad when today is over, cranky baby has gotten me in a yuck mood. So for now I must sign off and cuddle with him so he might get in a better mood. Hope everyone has an amazing run today!

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