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The three sections of the NSE signed an agreement yesterday, but cooperation had already begun a few months ago. During the quarantine period, in fact, we worked with ESN ASE Bucharest and ESN Malaga in the organization of a number of online services-… Webinars. It was amazing (but also difficult) to coordinate everything while it was so far away, but video call after video call the event was well done. On the wave of this success, we decided to accelerate our relationship and officially become “twins”, or perhaps we should say “triples” as someone proposed 😁 www.unich.it/avvisi/graduatoria-traineeship-2021 La nuova version della piattaforma Online Learning Agreement (OLA). Who tutte the info: chietipescara.esn.it/news/online-learning-agreement #THISisESN #ESNItaly #ESNItalia #WeAreOne #OnlineLearningAgreement #OLA Intraprendere a periodo di mobility é una nuova, grande sfida. Ed ESN Italia é pronta a supportare tutti i futuri studenti Erasmus grazie ad una speciale piattaforma: AskErasmus! Academic calendar (here you will find schedules for all departments, where are also all holidays and closing days of the university) The Vicepresidente della nostra Sezione, Deborah Ndrita, ha scritto questo articolo pubblicato da Erasmus Student Network Italy – ESN Italia. Non sempre e easy conciliare gli impegni della “vita vera” con quelli del mondo ESN, ma inevitabilmente tutti i volontari di questa Associazione possono confermare come ci sia costante bisogno di trovare un equilibrio tra le due cose… e forse questo é proprio uno di quegli ingredienti che rendono ESN cosé speciale List of departments, offices and their locations: (clicking on the name of the department, you will be redirected to its page) Sunday, October 25, we visited the medieval town of Santo Stefano di Sessanio, in the province of L`Aquila, where we could admire its narrow and historical gases surrounded by a fantastic landscape. In the afternoon, we moved near Rocca Calascio, a magical castle on a mountain: as soon as we reached the summit, a stunning view of Abruzzo opened before our eyes! If you come to our university next year or semester for your mobility period, join this group to get all the information you need! Erasmus Student Network Italy – ESN Italia #THISisESN #ESNChietiPescara #ESNItalia #studentshelpingstudents #THISisESN #ESNItaly #ESNItalia #WeAreOne #OnceErasmusAlwaysErasmus #studentshelpingstudents 32% of Italian women have experienced some form of violence in their lifetime: psychological violence, sexual violence, physical violence, harassment. The place of pefect for a cool afternoon not exis … 💙🌍 . There are streets, sometimes a little dark, that can become the worst nightmare.

There are short skirts that make us feel beautiful, but are often confused with consent to be touched. There are walls that sometimes hurt, maybe the same in our house. There are friends who decide that a public domain video can be. #THISisESN #ESNChietiPescara #ESNItaly #Abruzzo #pizzelle #Pescara #Chieti AskErasmus allows agli studenti italiani di entrare in contatto con quanti prima di loro hanno intrapreso un periodo di scambio presso lo stesso Paese, la stessa citté… o magari la stessa universita! Saranno contattati per email anche gli studenti idonei, per dare informazioni relative ad eventuali scorrimenti.