Lease Agreement Sample Germany

It is possible for the tenant to make a written objection to the termination of a lease by the lessor, which expresses the desire to continue the lease. A hard reason is a reason to want to give you the rental contract. Sustainable hardness lands include inability to obtain adequate, alternative housing, age, poor health or long rent in the residence. The written objection must be sent to the lessor two months before the end of the agreed lease. Sometimes, several lenders sign as contractors of a lease agreement and sometimes a real estate management office is set up to deal with all issues related to the contract. If you are not sure who to send important messages (z.B. notice of cancellation or urgent repairs). There are two types of leases: indeterminate (temporary lease) or limited-term leases. A standard rental contract can be downloaded or purchased in most paper mills. It is also customary for the tenant to also have to take out liability and/or content insurance for the property. Often forgotten, the remission protocol is an integral part of the treaty.

As the owner is not obliged to sign a report, it is advisable to bring a model and a witness. The minutes indicate the condition of the apartment when the tenant moves in. It must be completed in detail, listing all defects, as well as minor, such as scratches, stains or other damage to protect the tenant at the end of the tenancy agreement. It is recommended to take pictures of any damage or unre-renovated parts of the apartment. Very often, the contract must be limited in time. While in Germany it is now common to sign an indeterminate tenancy agreement with a legal period of three months until the end of the third month, landlords and tenants sometimes want to agree on a minimum term of rent or rental, such as one or two years. For you, as a tenant, such an agreement is mandatory, so beware before signing it. If you have to leave your job, Germany or even the apartment before the deadline expires, you are still responsible for paying rent and incidental costs until another tenant takes charge of your old apartment. Another important and often controversial point is the fact that renovations and decorations must be carried out by the tenant at the end of the lease or at specific time intervals. Not only has this topic been one of the most moving between landlords and tenants in recent years, but it has gone all the way to the Supreme Court, which last year made a decision that you should know about.

Premium service customers can certainly have detailed information, but only as a brief view, there are two types of agreements that are legal, one is decoration and renovation at certain intervals, in which case a complete renovation at the end is usually not necessary; the other is a complete renovation at the end of the lease by the tenant or at his expense.