My Monday

Yesterday I had computer problems so I did not get to post, so sorry.

Had a great 7 miles run early Monday morning with two of my running buddies. The weather was great and the ability to go that extra two miles was relaxing and very nice. This week is my slow week at work. All my clients are on spring break, that means I get to enjoy my morning runs a little more because I can go as far as I want to without the hurry I usually face. Don’t get me wrong, I love my clients and I love being their personal trainer. It is nice to be able to put in more miles on that early morning run, at least every now and then.

Today was a 5 mile run with one of my running buddies that doesn’t run with me as regular as she use to. It was nice to be hitting the pavement with her. I always enjoy her conversations. The weather was a little cooler and the pace was relaxed. I have to admit after racing hard for 6 straight weekends some relaxing runs are a blessing.

Runs like this morning remind me that it is important to train hard but to also slow down and relax on runs. Take it easy and take it all in. Breathe and feel your muscles work. Enjoy the beauty that God gives us every morning. The sunrise and the sky. The trees and the smells.

Ok not all smells on the early morning run are great. Flash back of the trash truck we sometimes end up following. GAG!

This morning was a run to set you up for a feel good day. So for now I must get my babies up and going on their homeschool work and I must finish my cup of coffee. Have an amazing day and a fantastic run.

2009 Pumpkin Run

2009 Pumpkin Run

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