Ouch my Ankle

Did I get your attention/ Yes I have some issues with my ankles and yes I less than 2 weeks away from my next Marathon adventure. I have been fighting this ankle/achiles tendon injury since my last marathon on March 9. Since then I have run the several races and even taken home some overall wins. Needless to say I can definitely feel my body fighting back at me. This 41 year old body just doesn’t like to bounce back like it did 15 years ago.

This week will be a relax week for me. I am doing the Spring Break thing with my children and husband at Universal Orlando, actually I am hoping we spend most of our time at Islands of Adventure. It is way more fun to me than Universal. I am eager to see how Rane (my 19 month old) reacts this trip. It is always something new to him as he grows. He is quite the entertainer for our family and trips like this we make some amazing memories.

I mentioned my next Marathon is April 12th. It’s not only a Marathon it is an Ultra Race and it is a TRAIL run. Anyone have any pointers for me on this one because this is definitely a first for me. I see the times are a lot slower than the average road race so I am a little scared. It will all be ok though because my husband and my son Alex will be out there with me for the first 6 miles. They are doing the 10k that same morning.

Look for my future posts as I will be keeping everyone up to date as the Trail Marathon sneaks up on me. For now it is off… Spring Break and fun times. bwfamily


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