Pa Collaborative Agreement Alaska

The rules provide for appropriate monitoring. The assessment of the medical care and management of the clinic must be evaluated by the treating physician. The cooperating physician must have established a regular method of assessing the quality of the practice. Assessments must include, for a period of time, direct personal contact determined by the length of time the cooperation plan comes into force. The collaboration plan must include, at least monthly, personal contact by telephone, radio, electronic or direct contact between the medical assistant and the senior or assistant cooperating physician. The State of Alaska Administration. Code 12-40.430 and the Alaska Administration. Code No. 12-40.410 AKAPA is a dynamicly changing organization and a strong voice in Alaskan medicine. Recent achievements include the appointment of a Medical Assistant (PA) to the State Medical Board, changes in updating and facilitating the national licensing and collaboration process, and changes to the normative authority for medical assistants in Alaska.

We maintain close ties with PA students and offer annual scholarships. We are particularly proud that our Academy received the AAPA Constituent Organization Award in 2005. Since August 2018, 16 PAPs in Alaska have obtained a federal waiver to treat opioid addiction with products containing buprenorphine. In Alaska, PAs have the right to prescribe controlled substances to Schedules II-V, as shown by a collaborative plan and with the agreement of a supervising physician. With appropriate training or experience, a PA in Alaska may receive a federal waiver to distribute products containing buprenorphine, as long as the supervising physician is certified, trained or licensed to treat and treat patients with opioid use disorders. The State of Alaska Administration. Code No. 12-40.450 A PA may prescribe drugs and substances controlled by Schedules II-V with the permission of the supervisory physician.

The authorization must be recorded in the collaboration plan. The State of Alaska Administration. Code 12-40.450 Nurse Practitioners are not required to have a collaborative agreement and may exercise independently, without medical supervision, in accordance with Alaska Board of Nursing rules.