Run vs No Run


Who hasn’t asked this question to themselves?

As a experienced runner I have always said always run no matter what unless your illness is below the neck. Respiratory illness should always rest. I recently have revised my thinking on this issue.

As I enter into middle age I have found that my body just sometimes needs REST. No I did not come to understand this easily. I, like most endurance runners, have a go go go attitude. It took my 4th marathon in 4 months to realize that maybe my body needed a little more rest than I was giving it.

It took a pretty serious injury to wake me up and make me realize that I can OVERDO it. So have I slowed down any? WELL…… kinda, but not much. I am trying to allow myself more rest time and. I am trying to listen to how my body is reacting to training. I made myself take off from racing for two weekends straight. That is a huge thing for this runner.

Although I am listening to my body, I have still registered for my 5th marathon in 5 months. I will run my very first TRAIL Marathon this Saturday at St. Sebastian State Park in Ferrelsmere, FL. It should be quite an adventure. I am very tired this week and even took off today from my early morning run group so that I could sleep in and try and feel a little better. I am also really pushing my hydration in preparation. From the emails sent out to us this marathon trail route is going to be very challenging. With sugar sand and changing temperatures we have been warned to walk through the sugar sand and stay well hydrated. WALK? Are you kidding me? That is my one and only hard core rule, never walk. I have to admit that I will be listening to my body and I will probably listen to the advice given. My goal for this new adventure is to FINISH and to FINISH STRONG!


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