Stadiums, they are great! WELLLLLLLL………

Stadiums are great for training but I honestly do not like them much less love them. Stadiums do play a vital roll in training and fast twitch muscle training and endurance.

My running group started implementing stadiums about two weeks ago and we are already feeling the strength increase in our legs. Cardio wise it is brutal. I can not honestly say that I feel like the cardio part of Stadiums has gotten any easier. YET!

Tonight is the beginning of week three with the addition of stadiums. Tonight the goal is 16 actual stadiums or 8 tiger laps, this is where you run the curves of the track and head up the stadiums on each side of the track. 4 laps of this is known as the “Tiger Mile”.

Time is fast approaching, wish us luck, lets go spank those stadiums!

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