Stamp Duty On Agreements Executed Before 1985

I bought apartment by appointment – registration number 416 of 16 April 1985 and applied as part of Amnesty Scheme on 28-09-1994, for which I received a letter from Addl. District Collector of Stamps, Senapati Bapat Marg, Pune 411053 received. that since the agreement of February 18, 1985, I have paid the stamp duty of The Mumbai Stamp Act, 1958. Now, on conveyance deed procedure, the Addl. District Collector of Stamp Duty has requested for payment of the stamp duty Rs.28.850 – penalty Rs.250. What can I do at this stage to solve the stamp duty problem? 2. the first. three agreements are reserved for the actual allocation of the apartment, in which the owner is the seller and the fresh buyer enters the shoes of the old Vendee, is the re-allottee of the apartment, updated on March 12, 2019: the government of Maharashtra, on March 1, 2019, announced an amnesty regime with regard to the penalty that can be applied for an insufficient payment of tax on stamps in the past. The scheme provides for limiting the penalty to be paid for certain transactions to 10% of the defective stamp duty, instead of 400% that can be collected by the government in normal traffic. The scheme applies to all transactions selling or transferring rental rights, residences in Maharashtra and is only available for documents that were exported on or before December 31, 2018. The application, along with the instrument and supporting documents, must be submitted within six months from 1 March 2019, i.e.

until 31 August 2019, the period before which the scheme remains open. He also noted that stamp duty could not be recovered at the current rate for previous instruments that had been executed at a time when the instrument was not responsible for stamp duty, since at the time considered, these documents could not be considered “unstamped” or “insufficiently stamped”. In the absence of clear provisions in the law regarding the retroactive collection of stamp duty, stamp authorities are not entitled to insist on the payment of stamp duty on earlier instruments that are part of the chain of documents. Q10. What are the provisions/articles of the Indian Stamp Act, 1899 attracts stamp duty in the state of Maharashtra? We bought an apartment in 1984 on Rs stamp paper.