Stanford University Articulation Agreement

Students wishing to use courses at another university in the direction of their Stanford degree should review the guidelines: students who might apply for their major in the summer might want to wait to transfer their AP/IB credit. This ensures that they do not reach their maximum 45 units too early in their Stanford career. While transfer students have the right to apply with more than two years of training from a former university, note that students are required to spend at least two years of full-time enrollment at Stanford to obtain a bachelor`s degree from the university. Whatever the reason for your transfer, you are already enrolled in another university or university, so you know that the most important element of your university experience is the people and community you can apply for a transfer credit for university level work outside of Stanford. After approval, the transfer credit can be charged on general university degree requirements and, if your department allows, larger and smaller requirements. The transfer credit is verified and awarded by the Stanford University Office in accordance with the Faculty`s Senate policy. While Stanford does not have articulation agreements with a college or institution, a course usually receives transfer credits if it meets the following conditions: Office of the University Registrar: Transfer Credit The portability of certain courses is finally set by the Chancery as soon as students are admitted. Transmission guidelines may vary from year to year. For more information, visit the Stanford Bulletin and the Office of the University Registrar.

Transfer Coursework Articulation Agreement Degrees and Programs Catalog You can only apply for a transfer credit after being admitted unconditionally to Stanford. “Unconditional” means that there are no other grades or diplomas, such as .B. Your bachelor`s degree, give. Academic recognition for work done elsewhere may be granted for a Stanford bachelor`s degree under the following rules and conditions: See the Registrar`s website for additional information on transfer credit policies and procedures. Major transfer students and degree concentrations requirement s catalog. Note that this data is up to date from 2019 and has not changed in good conscience. . Stanford University costs an average of $N/A.