The Taper Begins as I head to South Carolina for the Darlington Marathon

Can you say sick?

Yes I am ill and yes I do have a marathon in less than a week.


My Monday morning run was a challenge. With this illness holding on strong, me legs feel like they are full of lead and my head feels like everything is in slow motion. Needless to say I will not be taking that allergy med any longer.

5 miles in the beautiful cool morning air this morning. Normally I would fly through this workout because the weather has changed and the cool air just makes me FAST.

Not this morning… Legs of lead, a head that felt like it was in the clouds, and a bothersome cough made for a long 5 miles.

Thank God I have a running partner or I know I would have stopped and walked this morning. I just felt that bad.

Running Buddies ROCK!

Running Buddies ROCK!

So the plan for today is to enjoy the fact that I did indeed complete a great little 5 mile MONDAY MORNING RUN and then head over to the Doctor and see if he can get me well by this Saturday.

Otherwise, my #10 marathon in South Carolina could be pretty miserable. Prayers are appreciated. Have a great Monday Morning Everyone, and if you got your run in Whoop Whoop and if you haven’t yet then make it a priority. GET OUT THERE AND RUN!


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