Un Arms Agreement

The United Nations Conference on the Arms Trade Treaty was convened for four consecutive weeks at United Nations Headquarters in New York from 2 to 27 July 2012. Opened on July 3, 2012, it elected Roberto Garcia Moritén (Argentina) president at its first meeting. During this session, it also adopted its internal regulations (A/CONF.217/L.1) and its agenda (A/CONF.217/L.2). In particular, the Conference reviewed the Preparatory Committee`s report and a compilation of Member States` positions on the elements of an Arms Trade Treaty (A/CONF.217/2 and Add.1), established by the Secretariat. At its 6th session on 9 July, it approved its two-week interim work programme, from 9 to 20 July, through which it set up two major commissions to conduct negotiations on the elements of the arms agreement. At its 15th session on 26 July 2012, the President of the Conference presented, under his own responsibility and without prejudice to the position of a delegation, the text of a draft Arms Trade Treaty (A/CONF.217/CRP.1). The Conference failed to reach consensus on the draft text and adopted its report on 27 July 2012 (A/CONF.217/4). The CAW is already calling on states to take stock of their existing transfer controls, whether they are exporting, importing or transit countries, and to identify weaknesses and gaps16. Documents A. Documents Guidelines on Conventional Arms Transfers, Letter from the Head of the Delegation of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland of 22 1991, to the President of the Conference on Disarmament, which conveys the official text of the communiqué issued following the Council meeting of 17-18 October 1991 in London, between representatives of the five permanent members of the United Nations Security Council on the transfer and non-proliferation of arms (CD/1113, 26 November 1991, annex). United Nations Register of Conventional Weapons, General Assembly Resolution 46/36L, 9 December 1991, Annex. International Code of Conduct on Arms Transfers, New York, May 1997. European Union Code of Conduct on Arms Exports, Brussels, 5 June 1998.

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