United We RUN for Boston


526651_461840243894097_239540445_nThis morning was the first of a three run series I have organized in Lake City, Florida, to pay tribute to the victims and runners of the 2013 Boston Marathon.

I remember one year ago hearing that the Boston Marathon was being bombed. I remember where I was, what I was doing and my reaction. I had driven to Haines City to negotiate a contract to produce a Mud Run for the FFA Foundation. I was actually in the middle of my meeting when my phone rang, of course I ignored it, I was in a meeting. How rude right? Well It was my Dad and he kept calling me over and over so I knew something was not right. I finally excused myself to answer the phone. That’s when the terrible news hit me. My dad said, “Have you seen the news?” “No,” I replied, “I am in a meeting.” My Dad then explained that the Marathon finish line had been bombed and there were several people dead and injured. WOW what a moment…See, I have run the Boston Marathon 5 consecutive times and once you have run this amazing event you become part of a family that is pretty strong. When you say yes I have run Boston other runners know without anything else being said. I was in shock, a lot of my friends and fellow running buddies from Jacksonville and Gainesville were there running. I had not gone because the last time I ran Boston was 2010. I took time off to have a baby and hadn’t qualified to run it again yet. Turns out not everyone knew that I was not running it. My phone rang and rang and rang. So many friends calling to make sure I was not there and that I was ok. WOW, I never realized just how many people followed my career as a runner. I was moved to tears just thinking about that and the fact that no one knew who had been hurt in this tragedy.

I remember the Lake City Reporter calling as I drove back from Haines City and I completed a telephone interview with them. It seemed everyone was grasping for some insight into the days events and looking for some hope for the future. A week would go by before we really knew that our friends were ok. Then the healing started. I organized a Run for Boston in Lake City, the following Monday, and over 40 people showed up to show their support. It was so touching to see all the runners come out for the race I hold so dear to my heart. We donated to onefundboston.com and we now know that they have helped every victim with therapy, medical expenses, prosthetics, and much more. It is an amazing group and I recommend them if you would like to help the vicitims.

This year as we approach the running of the Boston Marathon on Monday, April 21st. I am once again organizing not one but THREE runs as a tribute to Boston Strong and the new campaign We RUN United.

This morning marked the first of these three runs. We will run in Lake City to pay tribute to Boston, the marathon, its runners, and their families. We had 9 athletes out bright and early at 6am this morning to RUN for Boston. It was rainy and cool but we did it for them, we did it for us, and we did it to show that even down here in Florida we are supporting Boston and the Boston Marathon.

This morning I ran 12 miles for Boston, over the next two runs I will do the remaining miles to make a total of 26.2 miles that I ran for Boston.

Our next Boston Strong Run is Monday at 5am and then again Monday at 6:30pm. These three runs means so very much to me and all of the athletes that came out and are coming out to run. They bless my heart more than they will ever know.

Looking forward to the remaining Boston Strong United We Run runs and to the future at the Boston Marathon.


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