Verizon Fios No Term Agreement

Prices for the monthly service, which previously cost $20 more per month compared to contract-term plans, are also guaranteed for one year without early termination fees. Basic FiOS packages start at $99.99 per month before taxes, fees, set-top rental fees and premium program packages. For online orders, new customers can save an additional $5 per month for FiOS packages. I think I need to talk to customer service for clarification. I look forward to using this new pricing option to be “unbundled” and then abandon the TV service in a few months, but maybe if I want to drop the TV and keep only the internet, I might have to wait until my current contract expires in 7 months to avoid early termination fees. Note that Verizon Fios offers included in the table above free setup and a 2-year discounted price guarantee. Your first two years of service are guaranteed for the special promotional price. Select No annual contract for standard monthly service from month to month. Note that Verizon may increase your monthly rate after 12 months if you do not opt for the expiry agreement. Instead, it presents “Mix – Match on Fios,” a new price plan under which it sells pay TV, the Internet and the telephone as full-fledged products. For Verizon, it was the end of the “triple play” that blocked customers in long-term contracts in exchange for a price break. “IDC believes this new strategy to increase consumer flexibility – coupled with multi-year price security – will serve as a catalyst to attract new customers to Verizon`s bundled services,” Davis said.

“At the same time, we believe Verizon will keep many of the new customers verizon is acquiring, as IDC`s core consumer research on major television, internet and language service providers shows that existing Verizon Bundle subscribers will most likely retain their Verizon package beyond their original service contract.” Customers who sign a month-to-month contract pay the same monthly price as customers who opt for the duration of the contract. Prior to this announcement, monthly customers paid an additional $20 to $30 per month for the privilege. I still have 7 months on my contract for verizon dual internet game TV and when I click on the mix and the graphic match on the dashboard, it shows my current plan at 7 months again and the new one as “no execution agreement”, but then during the checkout I have to sign the terms of the service to accept a groupage that says I agree to keep these services grouped for a minimum of 24 months and that a compulsory early termination up to $350 is levied if I cancel advance services.