We all defeated the Green Monster


We are Awesome!

We are Awesome!

GREEN MONSTER was defeated by each and everyone of us yesterday.

What a great weekend. The 2014 Gate River Run marked the 37th year the event has taken place in Jacksonville, FL. This event has grown so much just in the last 10 years that I have raced. With multiple waves of runners starting at different times and the elite making new course records, this event is one that no runner should ever miss.

This photo is about half  of the Lake City runners that raced Saturday. We tried to get everyone in it but time crunch got alot of them. With mandatory entrance times to be in your start corral we were all anxious and excited to get in there and get racing.

The weather was absolutely perfect. Runners were all talking about race strategy so the corrals were just a buzz. The national anthem was sung and the cannon fired and we were off.

The first three miles I used to get into my groove and find my happy place. Mile 4 was time to get serious with the negative splits. Miles 5-7 those were take it all in miles. Then my last water station grab and go and there it was THE GREEN MONSTER. My prayer that God would carry me was said and my determination set. I have to admit that I never thought I would ever reach the top but when I did wow the excitement and then the down hill. I began my sprint to the finishing passing a lot of other runners and enjoying the feeling of just flying.

Finally, there it was THE FINISH LINE. I began to sprint even harder passing 5 women in the last 20 yards to complete my race in 1 hour 12 minutes and 32 seconds and finish in the top 10%. I went through and grabbed my TOP 10% hat and then ice for my hips. Then came water and that oh so sweet medal that solidifies that you DID IT!

Yep we all did it! We  defeated the Green Monster. And until 2015 we will run hard, train hard, and reflect often on this amazing race weekend in 2014.

It was a great one!



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