The week is only half over and my legs are DEAD

DEAD! That is the word I use at this very moment to describe just how “great” my legs feel today. I am sure this all began with an amazing 18 mile run on Sunday morning. That run was the first run, since having my son 2 years ago, where I actually felt great and that I could go on and run another 18 miles. WOW right? Yep that is exactly what I was thinking. Then I did a lot of mental work on Monday trying to get homeschool underway with my Teenagers and man that was like running an ULTRA, lol. Tuesday I got back into my morning run with a nice easy 5 miler,¬†taught a mid day spin class, and assisted with volleyball conditioning which included the ever so love JUMP SQUATS.

SO today is mid week, yep it is Wednesday and I jumped up and did a very speedy 5 miler with my fast running partner Greg, taught a extreme cycling class, and trained a client on upper body at the gym. What is crazy? Well, as I sit here with legs that feel like they want to collapse, I still face a date with the STADIUMS this afternoon and have to train one more client prior to that. Am I complaining? HECK NO! I am loving it. See when you have been running as long as I have you tend to have a hard time getting that SORE and TIRED feeling we all secretly yearn for. I am on cloud 9 right now knowing that I am training hard and will be pushing myself to achieve greater things. Knowing in this fact that I will reach each and every goal that is set. HOW? Because I have FAITH and FEAR and FIGHT in me that can not be contained. I will succeed and I will give GOD all the glory because ity is through him that I am healthy and able to do all of the thing I set out to do in life.

SO when I survive the rest of this MID WEEK day you will have much to hear about and learn. So stop back by and check it out tomorrow.RunRun Hard and Make It Count!

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