Wild Sebastian Trail Marathon and Ultra Race

Me, Tony, and Alex before the start. The boys ran the 10k placing 4th and 5th overall!

Me, Tony, and Alex
before the start. The boys ran the 10k placing 4th and 5th overall!

I made it! It was Brutal. I didn’t get to muster enough energy to take a photo of the “Sugar Sand”. The photos I took are of the regular sand trails which made up 75% of this Wild Sebastián Trail Marathon. The sugar sand was about 3 feet deep in areas and yes I did walk like they suggested (thank God for the strength). This was an awesomely brutal and painful at time experience. Best part of my race…..seeing my Dad, Alex, and Michelle Garbett as I hit the main road to the finish. Alex had written in the sand the entire width of the road RUN HARD MOM . I almost started crying as my Alex and Dad then “raced” me to the finish. My legs were so exhausted I almost couldn’t catch them. Then there my Mom and Skye cheered as I crossed the finish line. Baby Rane was fast asleep at the finish too. Amazing memories made today, what an awesome gift from God. I finished in 4hours 43 minutes and was the 2nd overall female, third overall finisher. Wild Sebastián will always be a big stepping stone in this marathon journey. It was the Hottest and hardest marathon, the longest marathon and the longest everything for me. I learned so much from these ultra athletes just from the amazing conversation. Total Mileage was not your typical 26.2 but a little over 27 miles. Yep these trail runners, they explained, you never know how far the actual race will be it’s always a surprise. Yep that it was!
5th marathon in 5 months I may just take a few days off.


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